Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wave Pool in Tokyo

I went to Magic Mountain on one of the hottest day this summer and it was too crowded to have fun. But this is INSANE! -Tokyo Summerland wave pool:

Here are some of the funniest posts I've seen on his blog about this video.

"I think I know one of those guys." Comment by Max

"I wonder how many people peed in the pool?" Comment by jrw

"I would totally nail my girl in that pool. No one would be able to tell! muwahahahaha" Comment by creesto

"thats tokyo. the pool accomodates 10,000 japanese or 500 american fatties." Comment by anpaman

"...only the Japanese would put up with this disgustification. Jaysus, who in their right mind would go near that mess except the overly polite? It’s a bacteria/urea/DNA/Chlamydia soup.

Thank God for us Americans who’d look at this and say, “F**k that, I’m going to the bar”. Comment by Seamus Andrew Murphy


"...There was no groping because no one could move." Comment by R

"tokyo seriously NEEDS 3 or 4 godzillas for population control" Comment by usa

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