Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My FarmVille SnapShots

A few snapshots of my Farm on FarmVille.

When I first started: [I didn't make my little girl avatar look anything like me. I have brown hair and brown eyes, but I like her to have orange hair and green eyes.]

After buying my Farm House.

I am receiving many gifts. I love them all and can seem to make myself sell any. But something's gotta give because my farm is not big enough to hold it all.

I sold a lot of the gift-able animals, however I am keeping all the "Special" ones that you can't buy nor gift. Like the black sheeps, pinks cows, ugly ducks, elephants, etc.

Finally bought my Villa! Costing $1,000,000.00 .

I made a trap in the center of my farm so that my little girl avatar wouldn't be able to walk everywhere as she worked. It goes much faster this way.

Christmas stuff are starting to show up on FarmVille. The new "Special" animals are now Reindeers.

Happy Farming!! :)


Claudia Lawrence said...

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Xhyleh said...

Donna, you have too much time on your hands - what game is that? It's like a game I tried online, but the characters were so tiny, I got annoyed.

You might also want to filter the type of people who can comment, because there's too much spam.

Donna said...

Hi Xhyleh, I'm sorry it took a while to get back to you. I changed my Email and forgot to change it in my blog settings. I just deleted those spams and will have to change how the comments are filtered.
That game is FarmVille. I play it on Facebook everyday lol.. It's so much fun.

elfwand said...

ooo the farm ville, I started playing and my plants were dying and all and stop playing, but she seems nice.