Monday, August 26, 2013

A Letter From Fred - "Oh Sweet Lorraine"

Keep the tissues handy for 96-year-old's song tribute to his late wife

8 hrs ago
Fred Stobaugh can't sing a note, but there was a song in his heart ready to come out. So when his wife of almost 73 years passed away, the 96-year-old Illinois man put both his grief and tender memories on paper and sent it off to Green Shoe Studio's singer-songwriter contest. As the only snail-mail entry, it caught the eye of Jacob Colgan, who was so moved by the lyrics and the story that he put them to music. Now "Oh Sweet Lorraine," the ode to the A&W carhop Stobaugh met in 1938 and "fell in love with right away," is on iTunes. Stobaugh pronounced the finished song "wonderful, just wonderful," but it's a sad kind of wonderful. "I really, really miss her," he said. "Just don't seem right."
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