Friday, January 7, 2011


IN MEMORY OF OUR LEXY 10/25/95-12/04/10
She gave and taught us the most unconditional love imaginable. She will forever stay in our hearts.

SONG-I love you by Climax Blues Band. (Lucky & Lexy)
Since Lucky didn't fall for just one cat I didn't want to leave out Lexy. The first "Dog falls for cat" is with Misty (Lexy's sister).
The song is about the only thing that's the same as the first "DOG FALLS FOR CAT".
* side note about the clip at 2:47 & 2:55....It was a really cute moment, Lucky fell asleep sucking on Lexy's face. I actually filmed it for a few's just a few seconds you are seeing at double speed. It was so precious : )

LUCKY'S STORY: I was at a wedding reception at the Roosevelt on Hollywood Blvd. and there was a commotion outside. A woman was dragging a THREE week old puppy on a leash (trying to sell him), it was cold out and this puppy should have still been under his mother's belly. This appeared to be a sympathy scam so she can get a buck for the pup . She got her buck and I hit the jack-pot . I was aware that he may be very sick and not survive but I didn't care, he needed to be rescued from that situation. I wrapped him up in one of the velvet dinner napkins and took him home. My two cats who have never seen a dog before fell in love with him and raised him as if he were their kitten. I have so many amazing clips of the three of them and I try to pack them into these videos.
Thanks for watching and I hope it made you smile : )

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